how do I edit a pdf page in photoshop or illustrator.
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I have an existing pdf presentation of about 15 pages. I want to re-edit the title on page 3. How do I do this? i open it up in photoshop, and I can change page 3, but i can't seem to easily reintegrate into my 15 page presentation. How do I open them all up, just change page 3, and then seemlessly resave with all 15 pages in pdf form order and ready to go? I have illustrator, photoshop, indesign and am downloading acrobat. THank you for any help.
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Get the 30 day trial of Acrobat Professional. You can directly edit the text in the PDF, and simply save it without having to convert anything. See here.
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As derbs says, Acrobat Pro will be able to directly edit the title. Note, though, that this works only if the title is live text (i.e. you can select it in Acrobat Pro) If, on the other hand, the title is rasterized text (i.e. an image) set in Photoshop, you're out of luck. You'll have to re-create the page in Photoshop.

Now, if the text is live text, but if by "re-edit the title" you mean change it completely, use a different font and color, etc. etc., then you'll probably have to break-open the page in Illustrator, and edit in there, re-save the single page as a PDF, then use Acrobat Pro to replace the old title page with the new one.

Breaking open a PDF in Illustrator can be messy work, depending on how the PDF was originally generated.
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If you are using a Mac, you can use Preview to open the PDF and remove page 3 and replace it with the one you made in Photoshop or Illustrator. Open the panel that shows you the page thumbnails and you can add, remove, and rearrange pages easily. To add one, drag it from on thumbnail pane to the other one.
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Illustrator can do this easily. Just load the PDF, select the page, edit it, and re-save.
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