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At work I use Gmail and Google calendar. For meetings that I run, I want to be automatically reminded to send out agendas and reminders to the rest of the attendees.

These meetings are with different groups of people and have different titles and are sometimes set up in the calendar by an assistant. Is there an app or add-on that can remind me, say, 3 days in advance to send out an agenda? In the best case scenario, I could tell it, anytime it sees a "how to make chocolate cake" meeting, e-mail me a "send agenda" reminder 3 days before. That way, if my assistant adds a bunch of irregularly scheduled meetings with that title, I'll be reminded about them ahead of time.
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With Google Calendar you can set email reminders x days in advance. Ask your assistant to set those reminders for you.
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Google Calendar has the ability to send you a reminder by e-mail and/or text message at a specified length of time before an event. I'm not sure if a reminder of the meeting will be reminder enough for you to send out agendas.

So that your entire office doesn't get reminders to mail out agendas, perhaps you can set an event an hour or so before the meeting that is only on your Google Calendar that is called "remember to send agendas to Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" and set it to send yourself a reminder 3 days before.
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In the best case scenario, I could tell it, anytime it sees a "how to make chocolate cake" meeting, e-mail me a "send agenda" reminder 3 days before.

I bet you could use IFTTT for this.
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The other nice thing about Google's reminders is that you can set multiple. So you can be reminded two weeks out, one week out, 3 days out, and 15 minutes out. Or something like that.
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Response by poster: IFTTT could offer some possibilities.

I'm familiar with Google calendar's reminders, but I was hoping for something a) automated (so that it picks up on certain meeting titles), and b) that would specifically tell me, "send out the agenda!" (yes, I'm an idiot who needs very specific instructions). I tend to procrastination, so I'm looking for a technology that can beat me over the head.
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I spent untold hours researching for a similar solution a couple years ago. Turned out that the simplest solution was best: set a 15-minute, non-negotiable appointment every day on my own calendar where I reviewed my calendar for the next two days. If there was something on there that needed an agenda sent out, then I sent it out.

I know you're looking for a automated, technical solution, but those often come with their own set of problems that require you to manage yet another thing.
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