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What are the words to the song "Sing On" that is a standard in the dixieland band repertoire?

There is a song done by many dixieland/jazz bands called "Sing On." Here is a typical version. You can just hear the words "Sing on..." in the chorus. The problem is I've never been able to track down the lyrics. I've spent a lot of time on Google and Youtube. I've looked through a collection of hymnals I have. I just can't seem to locate these lyrics. My wife suggests that maybe there are no lyrics, but I don't believe her. Does anyone out there know the words to this tune?
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The MIDI won't play for me, and I don't think I can make the words fit to the tune you posted, but could it be this?
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I believe the hymn it's based on is "Sing On", tune by Newton Allphin and words by M.D. McWhorter. You can find lyrics here and (assuming google books links work) some interesting discussion of the original Sam Morgan Jazz Band recording of it here.
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Thank you for these responses. It is definitely not the first. I was able to look at the pdf of the music and that's not it.

The second response is closer. The chorus part sort of fits with the music -- not so much the verse. The discussion of Sam Morgan was very interesting and seems to suggest that there's a relation. I was particularly struck by the statement that his band quit playing it at dances because dancers didn't like to dance to church music. I wonder if they re-arranged it and it evolved away from the original hymn setting.
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