Where to find new, well-designed web products?
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I do visual design for user interfaces on the web, and I'm always looking for new web products ("products" in the sense that web services like Airbnb or Uber are products) as sources of inspiration or to use as references for clients. Can anyone share some good sources for the types of sites I'm looking for? Thanks so much.

Finding lists of trending startups isn't that challenging, but the odds that they'll be well-designed has been very spotty in my experience. And searching lists of design award recipients doesn't target well for the startup segment. Any help that considers both of those aspects would be especially helpful!
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I enjoy scanning LovelyUI for interface ideas (even though this site focuses on mobile web UIs)
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Trello.com ? The UI is well designed and intuitive.
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Product Hunt is probably the best site I know for what you're looking for.

Pttrns and Patterntap are both mobile UI–centric but many of the apps will have web counterparts that are worth a gander.

Designer News is a general tech designer community that has all kinds of interesting links that may help your search.
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Best answer:
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