How can I have more ankle support?
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Sometimes I get floppy ankle, like after wearing heels all day. I have several pairs of boots I love but they're not great for ankle support. I'm doing ankle exercises but in the meantime, is there anything I can do to make my boots more comfortable for longer periods of time?

Can a cobbler add something to the inside?
Would one of those sports bandage things (like these) help?

I have dainty ankles so there's room inside most of my boots for bandages or industrial scaffolding.

I really like the boots I have so I'd like to make them more wearable rather than get new boots.
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What about compression socks or sleeves?
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The ankle wrap is probably a good idea. I have one from the dollar store. I mostly just wear it when i run, or if I know I'm going to be doing some hiking. I've sprained my ankle a couple of times and it has a tendency to roll now - the wrap helps.
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YMMV, and do try, you might get lucky, but I find most off-the-shelf ankle braces aren't that great for support. Either they've got those really uncomfortable metal inserts, or they're not really supportive enough (neoprene) or they're too stiff against stockinged feet (canvas), or they're cut wrong, or they're not tight enough. I find the velcro ones are worse for fit and support, and the lace-up ones are better (but usually too stiff).

I've got unstable ankles and have been doing well with lace-up combat-style boots, with fairly firm leather, which hits a happy medium between supportive and somewhat pliable. I've been wearing these all winter (with orthotics, for tendonitis + flat feet); their previous iteration took me through three years. I lace them up super tight, and am grateful for the side zipper. My podiatrist approves of these boots (for my feet/ankles, anyway).

Saying that, I wonder if there are some mid- to lightweight leather lace-up braces. Maybe you could ask a leatherworker or cobbler to make you some to fit?
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Seconding lace-up combat-style boots. Mine, instead of lace holes all the way up like cotton dress sock, have little hooks for the top four or five lace holes (or both, I just use the hooks).

My boots are also shorter, so the hook part is just above the ankle, allowing me to tighten the ankle significantly. They're a pair I bought on clearance so they aren't available anymore, or I'd link them.

I know you're not a fan of buying more boots, but if they're just for support, drag through the clearance boots on retail sites. Might not have any luck as this winter weather has expanded the demand, but it's worth a shot.
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