System for categorizing, tagging, and rating audio/video material?
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A friend is looking for a multimedia system that allows categorization, tagging, rating of audio/video materials, and is ideally capable of being integrated into Wordpress....think StoryCorps with the addition of video and photo.

This "system" could allow you to find quotes, stories, audio, video, and photo files quickly using a single cataloging system of exclusive categories / themes, tags, face recognition, and ratings. Ideally the links to asset files are web-based. Bonus points if it's cheap/free, and web-based! She is currently using a hacked-up version of iPhoto and a google spreadsheet and is needed for her nonprofit work with struggling Haitian communities. Any thoughts and advice from the hive mind would be greatly appreciated.
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From what you've said, it sounds like Zotero can do this? It's not expressly *made* to do this, but it's free and it has most of the features you mentioned (though you lost me at "face recognition"). The Wordpress integration would be via plugin (scroll down). If you have specific questions about its functionality, please memail me, I'm happy to help.
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This sounds like the sort of project for which Omeka would be appropriate.
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