Newsletters across the digital divide?
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I need workflow suggestions for preparing one newsletter in a range of formats - HTML email, hard copy, large print, PDF (to be emailed and printed/distributed by the recipient). Can you recommend suggested software/services/workflows to make this process more seamless?

I need to produce newsletters to communicate with a very diverse group of clients. Some prefer to communicate by email. Some don't have access to a computer or aren't confident using them to communicate. Some prefer snail mail. Some go months without opening their physical mail and are likely to miss anything I send them. Some use the Internet but only on their phone. Some will only read letters delivered personally and explained by their outreach worker. Some need large print.

As far as possible, I need to match the preferred communication style of each client. The information will be the same (and is written in Plain Engliah to be as accessible as possible), but the format will differ. If you communicate with similarly diverse groups, could you tell me which workflow works best for you? Alas, the oft-recommended Mailchimp does not appear to have a properly formatted print option
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This solution isn't wuthiut its pitfalls but I' e done it for an arts school before:
1. Create a Wordpress Blog with a printer friendly theme (Or pay someone to tailor the CSS for a normal theme so that it looks good when printed). You are now able to put content on the web and on print (you'll have to print it yourself, set up your browser so it doesnt print hte typical printer header and footer).
2. Connect your blog's RSS feed to Mailchimp or other email marketing app, set up one or more campaigns for daily, weekly, monthly digests. Make a nice template that matches your site/brand.

The downside is print never meets the full potential of a proper newsletter: only one article per page,no column layouts, you get widows, bad word wrapping, logos/images aren't proper resolution, or get cropped by the printer.
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