Find me these IKEA towels! (Only, not at IKEA).
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I love slightly thinner, slightly scratchy bath towels. I have these towels from IKEA, and they're pretty much perfect in looks, size, and texture. I'd like another set, but for ~reasons, I'm not going to purchase them from IKEA. Can anyone recommend me similar ones? I've had no luck at Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or Kohls--they're all too soft and fluffy. Happy to order online.
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This may be a regional thing- but I've totally found those really cheap, scratchy towels at Target - they are usually on sale for something like $2-$4. If they aren't available online, I've also seen them at Costco, but that depends a bit on what their stock is like that week.
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Best answer: Have you ever tried Turkish towels? AKA hamam (or hammam) towels or Peshtamel. Thin, scratchy, absorbent, and look cool too. Lots of different places/ways/price points to buy online , if you google a little.
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Would it meet your needs if you bought Ikea-branded towels used on ebay?
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Best answer: The "air weight" line at (sorry I can't do a link from my phone) are thinner, slightly scratchy, terrifically absorbent, and really long-lasting. Absolutely worth the money. Buy one small hand towel to try them out. I didn't think I liked thin towels until I got these.
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I also came in to recommend peshtemal towels.
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FYI I love those IKEA towels, too. I went to Target and bought SUPER cheap bath towels - the college line, like $3 a towel. They are too damn fluffy! 30+ washes, already fraying, but still too fluffy and not sufficiently absorbent. I'll be watching with interest here. I keep thinking about the Turkish towels but I need like 12 towels and they seem pretty spendy.
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They may be a bit plush for you, but I've found the Costco "hotel" towel to be inexpensive, reasonably lightweight, and more absorbent than the Ikea towel in question.
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Fred Meyers has towels like that.
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Surprisingly, JC Penney has some great bath towels. Not sure if it'll be scratchy enough for you, but their Quick-Dri styles are my favorite.
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