Your Favorite Roguelike for IOS?
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And why is it your favorite?

I have been spending a lot of time in airports lately, and in airplanes, with more to come over the next few months (moving from SoCal to the East Bay, and it's complicated), and I've been passing some of the time with Pixel Dungeon on Android (recommended!). Sometimes it's nice to put down the phone and pick up something bigger, like an iPad. Or for when the battery on the phone dies but there's still juice in the tablet.

What's your favorite iOS Roguelike for those times?

Hoplite on Android is great, too. But maybe too stripped down.
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Favorite "classical" roguelike: Brogue. Plays so well on the iPad, apart from throwing things. I'd previously been reluctant to play any ASCII-based roguelikes other than Nethack, but Brogue won me over. It's like Nethack without the annoying parts, but still difficult (in a good way). There are only a few commands and it's menu-based, which makes it ideal for the iPad (as opposed to Nethack where you have to fiddle around with the virtual keyboard and do metacommands). Can't beat the price either.

Favorite roguelike-in-spirit-even-though-not-really-a-roguelike: FTL, which enough has been written about. Simply a great game.
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I play Rogue for iPhone, but only because I am lazy and didn't bother searching for anything else. So, not sure this qualifies as a favorite.
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Ending, for an abstract roguelike, or 100 Rogues (MeFi's Own!)...
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For stripped down, puzzle-like roguelikes (like Hoplite) Power Grounds and 868-HACK are pretty good.

For something more traditional, I'll second Brogue and 100 Rogues.

The gameplay of Pixel Dungeon was very much influenced by Brogue, so if you like Pixel Dungeon you should definitely check it out.
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Dungelot is pretty good. It plays more like Desktop Dungeons than like Nethack.
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It's not really Nethack-ish, but you might like Sword of Fargoal.
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Response by poster: (Installed FTL: zowie! My concern is that it will cause me to miss a flight or two.)

Keep the suggestions coming!
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