Matag Gas Oven Won't Clean Completely
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We have a Maytag Gas Range/Oven that is about four years old, and it seems that a large food-stuff that got in the vents to a place where we can't clean it. Every time we use the oven it smokes up the house, and sometimes there's even flame coming in the left rear vent. I can't figure out how to open the oven box up from either the inside or bottom, and so figure the only option is self-cleaning which hasn't worked. So, have we just not self-cleaned long enough? Or is there a way through to the burners so I can clean it by hand?

The manual says to run the self-cleaning option, which we've done and it REALLY smokes up the house to the point where our alarms go off even with windows open and the blower going. The manual also says that if the problem is not cleared up, it's because we didn't run the self-cleaning long enough.

If it helps, the model number is MGRH865QDW1.

So, any advice?
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My advice is to follow the manual. Turn off your smoke alarms and run the self-clean again.
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Yeah- I did this to my oven a couple weeks ago when a springform pan failed mid-cheesecake. I ran a long self clean and ended up having to disable my smoke detectors and leave a bunch of windows open for some airflow. Stuff stopped flaming in there eventually.
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Well, we're running it and hoping for the best. Thanks for the confirmations!
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