Where can I get a drapey slipcover that fits my IKEA Ektorp sectional?
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I have this white IKEA Ektorp sofa with chaise lounge and I want a big, drapey, cheap, washable slipcover to protect it from my dogs. I can't find anything that fits both the couch and the chaise part. Help?

The dogs run around outside and get dirty and then smudge up my couch. The white cover that the couch comes with is washable and bleachable, and I even bought a second one to put on during laundry days, but it's such a pain to unsheathe and resheathe the damn thing, plus it takes about 3 hours in the washer/dryer... What I'd like to do instead is wash it once and then wrap it in a big, drapey, washable slipcover that I can then quickly remove when company comes over. But I'm having a problem finding a slipcover that will cover the couch and its chaise extension. Anyone have any recommendations? The cheaper the better, bonus points if I can get it on Amazon.
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We used old sheets. Our couches take ~2 sheets each, but I don't think you can get easier than that. My parents gave them to us from beds they no longer have, but thrift stores, target, amazon, etc, should be fine. Pick flat sheets.
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Bemz is a company that makes IKEA slipcovers. I linked to a sectional, but you should make sure that's the exact EKTORP you have. These may not be much easier to take off and put on, but they come in patterns that might help you notice smudges less.
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Drop cloth. Giant cheap canvassy goodness.
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I have lightweight 100% cotton Ikea bedspreads (similar to these) on the couches. They are soft and comfortable, come in several colors, and the dog hair washes out easily.
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