Can you help me with Epson Scan to Cloud. Do I need a PC/Mac?
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I have a phone, a chromebook and a ipad. I need to print, occasionally I need to scan. I am looking at Epson with their "Scan to Cloud" system. It seems that I have to download software for mac or pc in order to register for "Epson Connect Printer Setup" .

Am I right? if I borrow a PC to do this can I then unplug the PC, give it back to my neighbour and never need it again. Anybody have real world experience as Epson's FAQs is answering my Qs. BTW, I know I can scan using the camera on my ipad and an app, but i want a real scan. Thanks.
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Epson doesn't make mobile apps.

I'm not sure what you mean by a "real scan". When you take a picture of your document you're scanning. If you want to save the images to the cloud, create a Dropbox account and synchronize your pictures that way.
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You only need to install their software on a PC or Mac to register the printer via the PC or Mac. In other words, you need to install their registration software before you can run their registration software.

This page seems to imply that you can just go to their website and register a printer instead. What happens if you follow the instructions on that page?

Ultimately, if that page doesn't work, you should contact Epson for an answer.
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Epson does make mobile apps, and I can scan and print using their iPrint app. You might be able to register everything from the ChromeBook if you go to the Epson Connect website.
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Seconding scanning and printing on the iPad using the Epson app. It works great for me.
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