Can you identify the torn paper animator?
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I need the name of an animator who uses torn pieces of paper moved around with a stop motion camera to create beautiful animation.

The artist I want to identify: Seems like it was a woman - saw her work around 1990 on PBS (maybe). The most memorable work was one where she moved torn paper around the screen to simulate light coming in a window and moving around the room throughout the day.
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Meredith Holch?

Got her name by googling ' "torn paper" stop motion animation.' Brief mentions of her here and here.
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My friend John Schnall uses torn paper in his animation, but I'm almost positive you're not thinking of his work. If you don't get an answer here, email me and I'll forward your question to him (he's almost certainly sure to know who you're thinking of).
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Hmm, I've stumped y'all, have I?

Thanks for googling, googly. The problem is that torn paper animation is not that obscure, so googling didn't work for me. For this particular artist I was hoping that the light crossing the room example would alert someone.

Now I think I saw it on the sci-fi channel. On the once a week animation festival. Long ago.

Thanks carterk, I will email you after I give it a little while longer...
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I just saw this and remembered your question. I haven't watched it, so I have no idea whether it's the animator you're looking for, but maybe will be of interest.
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