Need Water-Proof Stainless Container-Like Necklace
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So I have something written that I want to wear - so it needs to have a screw-off top, with a rubber/plastic ring to keep all moisture, dirt whatever out - it just needs to be about 1 inch or maybe even less - not heavy, and made from either stainless steel or sterling silver. Where can I find something like that - what is it called? Thank you!
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How about this - from Lee Valley
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Some sort of locket or pill container? You may find something on Etsy that will serve.
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Yeah - but isn't there a name for them? and so far all of them are made of aluminum which is not what is needed.
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My grandfather had a little keychain thing, pretty sure it was stainless, for keeping his nitroglycerin pills in. Something like this maybe.
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Thanks! Like that keychain thing feckless fecal fear mongering. Cheers all.
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This Etsy seller makes sterling silver jewelry, and sells some screw-top container necklaces that sound like what you're describing. The ones in that shop are more decorated and ornate, but you could try messaging about custom work?

I've never used the particular seller I linked above, but I've had good experiences with other jewelry sellers on Etsy (NBDesigns, in particular, who also might be able to custom-make something like this) and with Etsy you could go back-and-forth with a seller to get the piece made exactly how you want, rather than compromising on something off the shelf.
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Photo lockets wouldn't be waterproof enough. Try message-in-a-bottle pendant as a search term, perhaps? This sounds like a personal mezuzah, which co-opts the concept of Jewish sacred writing that is affixed to a doorway as a blessing/protective gesture. This is base on casual conversation with friends, not a highly informed definition of the concept. The idea might get you closer to what you're looking for on etsy.
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You may want to Google around on "everyday carry" or "EDC" - there are numerous little containers out there for keychains, necklaces, and so forth
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"Pill fob" is what I've always seen them called, and Google suggests it's pretty common.

Above a certain size, the naming conventions seem to be all over the place. The term "stash" comes up a lot, usually combined with "waterproof" or "dry".
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I like this one and it's VERY cheap.
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Here's a waterproof necklace on Amazon that would work and there are lots more. You can also search for scroll necklaces or prayer scroll necklaces. Some are religious themed, but not all. Prayer box pendant. Reliquary. Lots to choose from.
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If you want this to be a permanent solution, seal the lid closed with glue or clear nail polish. That's what I did with my pendant holding my dead cat's fur.
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You might want to search "pet ID tube" for options, as well.
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