How best to decline offer for interview?
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Five weeks ago I sent a cover letter and resume to a job that I was interested in, I heard back from them today via e-mail asking when I was available for an interview. What is the best way to tell them I am no longer interested. For some reason I can't get beyond "Dear X, Thank you for reviewing my resume".
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...but I've already accepted another position. All best, Me."
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Best answer: I always say something like "Dear X, thank you so much for the offer to interview for (position name). Unfortunately, I'm no longer looking for a position. Best of luck in finding a candidate!"
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Best answer: "I greatly appreciate the interest, but due to changes in my employment circumstances, I am no longer seeking a new position."
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"decided to pursue other opportunities" is another way to phrase it if "no longer looking" isn't true.
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Best answer: Actual email I wrote a few weeks ago for this exact situation:

Good morning [interview committee head],

Thanks very much for the invitation to interview. While I am extremely interested in the job, I have decided not to pursue a job change at this time, so I'll have to ask to be removed from consideration.

Thanks again, and best wishes for a successful search!

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"Thank you for reviewing my resume. My situation has changed since I applied, and I am no longer seeking a new position / no longer seeking this position.

Best wishes
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, exactly what I was trying to say!
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