What's the piano piece played in this movie scene?
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In the 1958 B-picture "Murder By Contract," a woman plays the piano starting about 33 minutes in. Can you tell what she's playing? Clip inside!

The scene in question starts at 33m2s:


A researcher has asked us this question, but none of us know classical music well enough--as far as we can tell from the film's credits and the AFI db, we don't think the piece was written as an original part of the score, so we're hoping it'll ring a bell with those more musically-inclined. Thanks for any leads!
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Best answer: J.S. Bach, English Suite #2 in A minor (BWV 807), Prelude.

Glenn Gould performance, wikipedia, scores etc
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Best answer: Bach 2nd English Suite
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Response by poster: You folks are amazing and kind, not to mention quick! Thank you very much!

(I told my colleagues that Metafilter would take care of it.)
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