Sci-Fi book where people switch their sex each year until 18?
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Help me find a book where the characters switch between boy and girl each year and must decide as an adult which sex/gender they'll remain for the rest of their lives.

I read this book about 10-15 years ago and the big reveal is there is some sort lab where the 2 copies of the same person (a girl and a boy) are kept in hibernation until that person decides which sex they choose. There's also a third version of that person that has no sex and the ending of the book is her/his fight to not have to choose and remain sexless. I remember it being fairly short -around 200 pages maybe?
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Best answer: James Alan Gardner's Commitment Hour?
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Response by poster: Wow! Thank you!
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Tautological beat me to it. I wish JAG would write some more books. There hasn't been a new novel since 2004 as far as I can tell.
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