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My boss is considering opening a network/information security division of the consulting firm he runs, but he can't find a good name for it.

He's old-world British, so he prefers names that are descriptive. If "Information Security Consultants" was legally protectable, I think he'd go with that. So, he wants something descriptive. Ironically, the consulting firm's brand is a three-letter abbreviation, so something incorporating that (like "XYZ Infosec") would be nifty as well.

"XYZ Security" was my first suggestion, but he feels that it conjures up images of physical security, not network/information security.
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Initech? Penetrode?
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Now I want to see that movie. Damn you, Brian. =)

Not to be too daft, but what about XYZ Network Security? or XYZ Information Security.
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Response by poster: XYZ Information Security is the current frontrunner, actually. I just think it's a bit unwieldy.
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Acronyms, while not great for brading purposes, are not too bad from a trademark standpoint so long as they are unique. Given the dinosaur old world preferenes of your boss, "XYZ Information Security Consultants" would probably be right up his alley, and protectable under trademark law.

If you want some pointers for good names, check out this thread: http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/27408
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