DDR-esque exercise alternatives?
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I’m settling in for a long winter, and I’m going to miss shooting baskets. I can’t afford gym access. I do have a treadmill and free weights, but they get boring. I’m looking for an exercise I can do inside my apartment that will encourage me to hone a skill or is otherwise (individually) competitive. Aerobics aren’t what I’m looking for. One day, I’d like to try Dance Dance Revolution when I can afford the hardware. So, is there another interesting, cheap indoor activity for my fine motor skills? Actually improving my physical fitness from this is of marginal importance.
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Yoga: strength, endurance, flexibility- oh yeah, and long term health.

Rock Climbing campus board: costs about $80 initially, and you have to mount it somewhere, but then, there are literally tons of training regimes you can follow with it to grow your arms and reflexes...
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Chances are, you already own most of the hardware to play Dance Dance Revolution (in it's freeware form, Stepmania.

Search Ebay for a dance mat and appropriate adapter for your computer. They're quite cheap.
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You already said you're not considering it immediately, but if you do eventually want to play significant amounts of Dance Dance Revolution, be aware of your neighbors. All that arhythmic thrashing can get loud!
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Perhaps a martial art of some sort?
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I've never played, but I've watched - isn't DDR pretty aerobic? And I don't know that there's much involved in the way of fine motor skills.

Second the martial art, although I don't know of one that's suited to being self-taught.

For the fine motor skills, there are all sorts of crafty activities - sewing, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, cross-stitch...though not very competitive.
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As far as motor skills go, since I started juggling(15 years or so), my dexterity has increased 10 fold. It's easy / fun to learn, and can be good exercise. The exercise level is based on the type (3,4,5 balls, pins, rings, contact juggling, etc) as well as the rigor you want to approach it with. Possible, caveats include loss of patience, loud thumping noises, and broken wares.
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Consider getting a dartboard. It's probably the closest thing to shooting baskets you'll do without a ball.
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If you're a basketball player, doing a targeted program to significantly increase your vertical leap could be pretty rewarding.
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Cheap or used set of electronic drums?
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Another one here who says "Juggling, obviously!!!"
This information from the Juggling Information Service is probably out of date, but maybe can get you started:

Winnipeg Juggling Club. Sunday, 10 AM to noon; Thursday, 7-9 PM. September to May, in the Robert A. Steen Community Centre at 970 Palmerston Avenue. June to August (Sunday only), in Assiniboine Park on the west side of the Pavilion. E-mail juggler@winnipeg.juggler.mb.ca. Ed Vorst, 204-786-3391, e-mail vorste@hotmail.com, 1-40 Fawcett Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3G 0Y6; or Myron Pauls, 204-775-1402.
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Join a basketball league at the YMCA. It's cheaper than the gym membership and once you're there...
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The Bosu is AWESOME for exercise, strength, balance, fine motor skills and fun. They are around $100 new, but you can find them on ebay for about $50 $75.
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Sorry, that was supposed to be the Bosu.
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if health benefits are unimportant and motor skill is a priority, why not learn to play a musical instrument?
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skip the rope my man.
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Hi There, have you heard of Yamuna Body Rolling? It seems like this could be just the thing for you. It uses small balls and various routines to literally roll through every single muscle group while strengthening an dlengthening the body. You can make it fun, switch it up and feel things you've never felt before
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