How to make a social media buffet.
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I want to make a website whose only content is the continuously updating feeds from about 20 public facebook pages and 20 twitter feeds. How do I do it?

I imagine it being in a tiled, magazine style with an updated snippet from a different feed in each tile, on a single scrolling page with the latest updates dynamically rising to the top of the page.

Assume I cannot create artisan code but I am comfortable working with a variety of CMS and I have my own domain and a hosting account. Hmm, and on the off chance that the page becomes popular, what would be the bandwidth needs for about 50k page views per day?
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Try messing around to create a custom API on KimonoLabs perhaps?
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Find out first if any of your sources have plain old RSS feeds. They'd be easier to manage.

You may be able to do something with but you may need to pipe some of the content through a service like Facebook likes to be the endpoint of content, not the source.
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I think this Wordpress plugin does what you want - and they apparently have a jQuery version for non-Wordpress sites.

It's on my "for future projects" list, so I haven't used it yet, but it seems to have good ratings.
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Eegads, stormyteal, you may just have it.
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I used to have an auto-updating site (technically, still do, though I think several feeds have died), which had feeds run through Feed Informer. You provide a feed URL, some parameters, and it will give you widget code for your site. You can customize the HTML with CSS classes and so forth to make styling easy on your end. Well , there are other widget options (Flash, image, etc.), but HTML/JS seems the most flexible to me.

It's free if you display the (fairly tiny) logo.
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