Help locate our lost notes!
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Airline Lost & Found: Help me locate notes left on a plane ASAP. The test is Tuesday!

I need to locate a semester's worth of notes left in a seat back pocket on a United Airlines flight that arrived in Chicago Sunday evening. The notes were discovered missing upon arriving home after a second flight. We tried the United lost & found numbers for both Madison & Chicago and left messages. The recording said that if we don't hear anything within ten days, no news is bad news. We've also followed up via e-mail, but aren't holding our breaths.

Safe return of the notes at any time is desired, but by Tuesday is preferred.

Does anyone know of numbers at United (at the airport?) that reach a human directly? Is there even hope for the notes to be found and possibly returned?
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Call 800 221 6903 and keep quiet or mumble things that aren't on the menu; it'll transfer you to a (human) agent.
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This happened to my boyfriend's professor, who left all of their graded assignments in the back pocket of the seat in front of him. According to the professor, who talked to a human rep for the airline, most of that stuff just gets thrown out when the cleaning people go through.

Good luck.
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I left tickets on American Airlines once and tried all ways to get them back but to no avail. I had to end up shelling out a few hundred bucks for replacements.
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