Youtube failing in Firefox?
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Firefox is not loading youtube video for me. I've tried many things (see inside for what I've tried). I am utterly stumped.

I have version 35.0.1 of FF.

I try loading Youtube, and it won't play. Vimeo, Netflix, etc... They work fine. Also, thumbnails of the video on the timeline work just fine, but the video itself won't stream.

I have first disabled Flashblock, no luck. Then also disabled adblock edge. No luck. I should add that the ADS play just fine, thank you, Google.

I logged out of Youtube (while in FF). Still no video.

I went into about:config and tried to reset potential interfering configurations dealing with video I could find. I added youtube to popup whitelist. No dice.

I tried it in Chrome and it works fine.

Restarted FF in safe mode. No luck. (Again, ads play fine, but the video/content doesn't load).

I've even disabled my AV at the same time as FF is in safe mode, just in case, and still no dice!

Am I going to have to resort to doing the refresh firefox (the option you get when doing the safe mode (shift-click the icon to start in safemode), which, IIRC, restores everything to a fresh slate, removing all your custome settings?

What other options do I have before doing that extreme option?
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Best answer: Which Firefox version do you have? I've been using the DevFox version of Firefox, and Youtube has been having problems with intermittent audio if I scrub through a video, as DevFox has been defaulting to using the HTML5 player.

You may need an extension to force FF to play Youtube videos using the Flash player, instead of the HTML5 player.

Here's the one I'm currently using:

Here's another:

Hope that helps!
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Response by poster: Thanks! That absolutely did it :)

I thought it might be due to the HTML5 video, but I swear it's always worked for me before. I'm using 35.0.1, and not on the Dev version, so not sure what's up. Anyways, that was exactly what I needed!
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Yeah, HTML5 vid worked for me before, as well. Not sure if it's something how Youtube is feeding the video, or in how Firefox is rendering it. In any case, glad it's working for ya!
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Yes, sometime in the past day or two, YouTube started serving incompatible content to Firefox. It should still be defaulting to the Flash player for Firefox 35, but it seems to be defaulting to the HTML5 player with some features that aren't yet enabled in stable Firefox releases.

I'm told Mozilla is working with YouTube to get this fixed. (Disclosure: I'm a Mozilla employee.)
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I run with flashblock and I've noticed in the last twenty four hours youtube videos are showing up as small rectangles in the corner of the area reserved for the video when before they used to be centered.

(I also had to install a greasemonkey workaround a while back so that I could even view youtube videos at all with flashblock.).
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Okay, I'm glad that I'm not the only person having this problem, because it was driving me nuts last night. Further information that may or may not relate, when I loaded youtube videos (embedded or on-site), I got a Firefox alert about some Nvidia drivers/programs. I allowed these to run, and it seemed to coincide with the problem. I've been down a rabbit hole since last night trying to figure it out, and doing many of the same things as the OP and then some.

On the other hand, I'm currently at a work computer on Firefox and able to play youtube videos. So maybe it got fixed since I came to the office this morning.
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hey, thanks, I've had the same issue and have just been watching youtubes in Chrome. This fixed it for me.
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It looks like YouTube is rolling out the fix for this now.
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I don't think it's just YouTube. Lately, I've been having issues with no audio in HTML5 videos on other sites (Tumblr, for instance) This seems to be linked to the use of WebM encoded video.
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