To which other vocalists should I be listening?
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I recently took up the ukulele, and have been doing well enough that I'm ready to start recording a few of the songs I've learned. A few of my friends have pointed out some interesting things about my voice, and I'd like to explore this a little more as a listener.

I'm a semi-trained singer -- I've sung with choirs over the years and took voice lessons as a teenager. I'm generally grouped in either the mezzo or the alto section. A few weeks ago I posted a YT link of myself singing and playing, and a few of my friends compared me to Nico and to Blossom Dearie. I'm guessing this is because I have a thin, reedy head voice and slightly more confidence in my chest voice…but I still sound a little whispery. I have an opportunity to record a few tracks of my voice and ukulele before I leave my office (long story), and I'm hoping to record a few of my covers before my contract here ends.

To which other untrained-sounding, jazz-influenced female vocalists on the alto end of the spectrum should I listen? I've been listening to Blossom Dearie on Spotify, as well as Lena Horne.

(I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post self-links here, so let me know if anyone is interested in seeing the clip.)
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How about Amanda Palmer and her magical ukelele?
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Response by poster: How about no?
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Maybe Annette Peacock or Joan Wasser?
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Jessica Pratt?
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Suzanne Vega displays jazz influences on occasion. Julia Nunes does not but does play the ukulele. Both are in the alto range.

Since it's relevant, I think it'd be okay to post a self -link here. At the very least, you can put a link in your profile and direct people there.
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Great question and thanks for turning me on to Blossom Dearie!

My suggestion: Carla Bruni.
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Lovetta Pippen in His Name is Alive
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Response by poster: Judging by your answer to the pretty thick boundary I just put down, Thomas, maybe you should stop mansplaining to me and move on your merry way.

Everyone else: thank you for your answers. My library queue and Spotify playlists are heavy with new vocalists. Here is my cover of "Flexible Flyer" by Husker Du.
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Mod note: Comment removed, please don't double down on stuff an asker's been clear they're not considering.
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