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I've been using aveda's flaxseed control paste for the last couple of years and really love this product. It's however, just a little bit expensive, especially when I get the same amount of product for 1/3 of the price at the drugstore. What are some other similar products out there that are cheaper that I should try?

I specifically love this paste because 1. the matte finish 2. non-greasy and won't cause breakout 3. smells really good and 4. I can re-sculpt throughout the day.

So just to be clear I am looking for hair sculpting paste/wax. I am a woman with short pixie cut, but I have no qualms about using products intended for men.
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I use Moroccan Surf Paste and absolutely love it. Matte finish, non-greasy (although it does make my hair a tiny bit crunchy when it's in), smells amazing and if I need to touch it up I just wet my hands and finger-comb my hair as needed. (I have an undercut with very short back and sides, and between 3 and 5 inches on the top of my head, depending on how soon I need a trim.) Dirt cheap, too, and I've been using my tub of it almost daily for almost three months and it's mayyybe 1/3 gone?
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I haven't tried it myself, but many "crunchy/no-poo/curly/natural haircare" bloggers swear by homemade flaxseed hair gel made by boiling flaxseeds.

Cursory googling doesn't give me the Aveda paste ingredients, but if flaxseed is nearer to the end of the paste's ingredient list, the flaxseed is more likely to be there for marketing reasons than performance. Along that vein, make a copy of the ingredient list on your Aveda paste bottle and try googling around or checking in drugstores to find products with similar ingredients in similar proportions.
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American Crew Defining Paste, Medium Hold with Low Shine

Can be purchased for less through other outlets; different iterations (I linked to the low-shine version); nice scent (ymmv).
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I like Redken products and can even buy their professional hair color (I don't know where else a non-licensed individual can do this) on this site

They have a lot of salon products at a discount.
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I've been using American Crew Fiber for years. Haven't tried their Defining Paste.

BTW, I've been told it's good to use different products so your hair doesn't get used to it.
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