Recommend Image Archive Alternatives to Flickr?
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Flickr used to be my go-to site for getting free images to use in classroom powerpoints. Even with a lot of spam, you could search and find nice images, especially diagrams and non-photo visuals, quite effectively. Now it has even MORE spammy photos and the search function feels more inadequate and the site seems a whole lot *slower*. Are there good alternative archive sites I could turn to instead? (I've already tried Google and Bing Image search - they're OK, but a bit too noisy as well) Thanks for any tips!
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I generally use Pixabay to search for public domain photos.
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I'm using Wikimedia Commons.
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I use Wikimedia Commons and I often will get there by using Google Image Search and then limiting to CC licensed photos (which isn't perfect, but you can often drill down to WC and other images that way). I also have more luck searching Flicker using tag search (not full text) to eliminate some of the spammier stuff.
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This is not useful unless you teach little kids, and they're not photos, but I love My Cute Graphics for simple line drawings and other graphics. I use them all the time in my classroom powerpoints.

jbickers, that looks like a great guide - thanks!
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I've used, which allows you to search for images (or other media) at a number of different places (not all at once, though). The options include Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, Pixabay, Google Images, and Open Clip Art Library, among others (note: not all of the other options work).
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MorgueFile has changed the way that I incorporate pictures into classroom materials. I've been pleased with the quality: big, colorful, good resolution (to my untrained eye). The license is not full public domain, but allows one to remix (modify) the image, use it in commercial applications, and use it without attribution of the creator.
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