Chicago Pub Trivia Friday night's
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What options are there for live trivia in Chicago on Friday nights?

A group of my coworkers and I are planning on going out for some pub trivia fun. The problem is that we want to go on Friday.

I have only found Merkle's, 3516 N. Clark St., 7pm for Friday trivia places.

Are there any other places? Chicago is huge so I figure there has to be more out there. Chicago is preferred but if there is something close to Des Plaines, IL then that would be great too!

Thanks so much for your help.
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Best answer: MeFi's own [sorry Mark I can't find your username :(] has a weekly trivia thing that's a lot of fun (they have trivia+physical challenges).

Intermittently for years I went to this guy's trivia, but I haven't lately. If you know where Jeremy is going to be hosting, he's awesome. He's turned it into a pretty legit business recently, though, and has minions who host at multiple locations. I'm partial to Jeremy's style. There's something every night of the week.

Lately I've started going to this monthly puzzle night. Not properly trivia, but the puzzles are pretty challenging. Location changes every month (have to solve a puzzle to find out where it is).

There are a ton of trivia options in and around the city if none of these strike your fancy. Here's a pretty good list.
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I'm sorry, you said Friday like 3 times and I completely missed it. Usually it's my listening comprehension that sucks.

Riddle Me That used to be on Fridays but is now on Tuesdays. Puzzled Pint is only on Tuesdays and I expect will remain so. Brain Bash used to (I could have sworn it still does, I still follow their facebook page and get alerts) have a Friday trivia but I don't see it listed on their site on the upcoming location list.
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Best answer: Geeks Who Drink does lots of other nights in Chicago, but not Fridays. I know a lot of bars do trivia on off-nights because they'd be near-empty otherwise. Fridays are popular enough that bars probably don't need to pay a trivia organization to come in and drum up business. Just an fyi.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help. I have not been able to find a friday night trivia, but I did go to the Puzzle pint and that was really awesome. Thanks Phunniemee.
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