Short film at the Hirshhorn about gluttony
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What is the name, who is the director, and is this film available?

I saw a short film several years ago in the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC.

The film consisted of several scenes in which some folk dressed in upperclass period clothing were served outrageous portions of food by a liveried waitstaff while a string trio(?) played, live, in the background. As the eaters pigged out and more food was served, the floor began to groan, and then it simply collapsed to the next floor/level down. The string players grabbed their music and hurried down an adjoining staircase to the new floor and commenced playing. The waitstaff started serving again, larger servings, more outlandish food, until the floor collapsed again and it was all repeated. Eventually, I believe, a waiter entered carrying a rhinoceros or some other large, whole, mammal to be served. Finally, several floor below the initial floor, the new floor once again collapsed but this time it proceeded to collapse the next floor and the next and on and on.

I am looking for information regarding this film, including whether or not it can be purchased on DVD or viewed on the web.

As usual, thanks in advance

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Best answer: Next Floor?
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Best answer: Here's the poster, with the rhino ;)
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Response by poster: That's it.

Everyone should see this!

Particularly the 1% !!!
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