Clothes similar to White House Black Market?
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What are some other stores or clothing lines like White House Black Market?

I'm not good with fashion, I think what I like is the tailored/fitted style, the little details like ruching or decorative sleeve buttons, b/w or solid colors. I don't know what makes it different from Express or Limited, but many items at BHWM seem 'me'. What I am having a problem with is the quality--the block color sweater that bled unrecoverably, the tshirts pill quickly despite hang drying. I do have several skirts that have lasted years, so maybe I'm just hard on my knits? Thanks!
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Ann Taylor Loft? Banana Republic?
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You might like Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, or Talbot's. Also possibly Land's End. I believe all of these are likely to have similar looks but provide higher-quality clothing. The downside is the higher cost, though.

The Merona line at Target also sometimes has similar lines at a lower price point. Dress Barn (believe it or not) also can have solid-color basics with interesting details at lower price points. However, the quality is hit or miss.
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Franchesca's may have what you're looking for, although it skews young.

Check out Macy's for good quality brands in knits like Jones New York, Lauren, Charter Club. These will be snoresville, but you can get them on sale and they will good quality.

Nordstrom Savvy has VERY cute things, and they now have Topshop (a UK brand.)
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It might be too "country estate" for you, but Orvis has a very tailored look in their women's line.
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WHBM also owns Chico's (the site is currently offline but since they're a public company they're going to have to get it back up shortly), so you may find clothing you like there, although I can't speak for the quality.

You might like Talbot's.
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adiabatic didn't provide a link but, yep, Boden. Spendy but good quality. I actually sought out the brand after encountering it at a thrift store.
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A secret trick to Boden is using their eBay store. This makes it much less expensive.
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I'm not sure what part of the world you live in, but I shopped at Black House White Market when on vacation in the US and have a few pieces from them. I'm from Canada - the clothing and styles available were (to me) similar to Le Chateau. It could have been the same store but my Le Chateau stuff holds up a bit better in the wash. That said, I found overall that BHWM veered more into the Sirens or Urban Outfitters level of quality. Good for a year or two but not much beyond that unless you carefully handwash. If you are less worried about brands and pickier about how it holds up in the wash, Cleo or Ricki's (a little more work oriented) would be comparable with better longterm results. Banana Republic is definitely in that taste range albeit with better quality - however the prices are higher, wash instructions more draconian, and the fit more tailored and not as forgiving.
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Generally speaking, that gauzy sort of knit tshirt that WHBM sells just doesn't hold up well. It looks amazing and feels amazing, but they're little better than disposable, no matter where you buy them from. Heavier knits don't have quite the same drape, but will hold up a lot better. The skirts and pants are built to be longer lasting - better materials and double stitched. The tops are expected to be one or two season shirts, not forever pieces. WHBM is fast fashion for the career set.
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