Help me understand this wi-fi/ethernet thing I just bought.
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Can I turn off the wi-fi extension function of a TPLink Over power ethernet kit and still have the PS4 and receiver connected via electricity only?

After buying a new AV receiver for my living room that only had an ethernet-in (no wifi), on the advice of the store I purchased it from I also picked up the TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT. My intended use for the TPLink is to be able to connect the new receiver to my home network (our router is upstairs, the receiver is downstairs in the living room) in addition to connecting my Playstation 4 via ethernet cable rather than wifi, as well.

Thus far, I've connected the TPLink base station to an outlet next to my router, then connected it to my router. I connected the TPLink adapter downstairs into a wall outlet (not on my surge protector) and the receiver with the ethernet cable. My receiver now has working Airplay, hooray!

Here is where I get a bit lost. Is the receiver connected to my network via the new wifi network (called something like TPLINK blah blah blah) the TPLink is throwing, or is it connected via electrical power via the wall outlets? I'd rather not have an additional wifi network to deal with in the house and my phone seemingly at random connects to either the new TPLink network or my primary network.

Essentially: can I turn off the wi-fi extension function and still have the PS4 and receiver connected via electricity only? Did I buy the wrong thing entirely?
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It's connected through the outlets. Each base thingy is also transmitting a wireless network to allow devices to connect through the outlets.

I don't know if you can turn it off, but what do you mean "one more wireless network to deal with"? If you change the password on it and don't enter it on your phone then your phone will never connect to it and so that wireless becomes essentially invisible, so it doesn't matter.

However, it should make no difference to your phone which network it connects to so form that perspective, what is your concern?

If you log into the transmitters with the instructions provided in the packaging you may be able to turn it off wirelessly but I'm not seeing the advantage. If your phone sometimes connects to it, then sometimes it is the stronger signal, so is that not an advantage to you?

(I have these all over my townhouse, but not that exact one. I think they're awesome).
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You bought the right thing for what you need. It does a bit more than you needed---the wifi extension part.

You can turn that bit off safely w/o affecting your PS4.
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Your receiver is almost certainly using the wired connection and not the wireless network. But it seems that this situation calls out for the scientific method: disable the wireless network and see what happens. If you lose connectivity, turn the wireless network back on again.
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