Help me search Mythbusters by topic
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AskMe was the place to ask last time I needed help to find an index of topics for a documentary series, so I am seeing if such a thing also exists for Mythbusters.

I have looked at the extensive Wikipedia list of episodes but what I am looking for is more of an index by topics. Mainly interested in linking Mythbusters episodes to science concepts, so in my ideal world I would be able to type in 'pulleys' or 'inertia' or 'hydrogen' and it would list all episodes that relate to those topics. Does such a thing exist?
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I may be missing something, but how does looking at that Wikipedia page and using the search function of your browser not answer your needs?
posted by Too-Ticky at 3:19 AM on February 17, 2015

Also, the search box on this page may be what you're looking for.
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