Awesome escape near Austin, TX
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I'm looking for an amazing, maybe a little bit weird, place for two friends to have a 1-night getaway within 90 minutes of Austin, Texas.

I am planning a trip to Austin, Texas next month in order to escape the science-fiction inspired frozen majesty of my home in northeastern Massachusetts. Oh, and to see a beloved friend.

I'll be staying with this friend and her family (husband and 4-year-old son), and friend and I would like to take one night just for the two of us, off somewhere gorgeous. Belated Galentine's Day celebration style. I need a recommendation! It will be SXSW, so we want to get OUT of Austin proper. Here's what I'm looking for:
-something funky or interesting in some way; wacky artist colony, or luxury yurts, or ______?
-easy access to excellent (not necessarily fancy) food and cocktails (food more important than cocktails)
-within 60-120 minutes of the west side of Austin
-a pool? or a lake?
-beautiful scenery (I just deeply NEED to see something green, and alive, and be outside)
-ideally not more than, oh, $250 for a one-night stay (less would be great)
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Have you been to Hamilton Pool? It's gorgeous, and probably won't be crowded this time of year. Too cold for swimming, probably, but it's pretty there! Or the area around Canyon Lake is nice too, though not very fancy. Fredericksburg is quaint and a cute little town that's pretty interesting to wander around in for a day. Maybe find a resort-like place or a nice B&B there. And then you could drive a bit further to Enchanted Rock and do some hiking!
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Fredericksburg is nice. Lots to do in the area.
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Take a look at Travaaasa. The rooms are gorgeous, it's in the middle of spectacular hill country, and they have these funky day classes, everything from the standard horseback riding and zip lines to a class on back yard chicken keeping. Also the spa looks good.

I haven't been yet myself, but it's definitely my list.
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I second Fredericksburg (which is where I grew up)! Lots of good food and drink in town as well as at newish wineries on the outskirts of town, and plenty of places to stay in your price range (no yurts that I am aware of, but there are guest ranches). Depending on the weather, you could climb Enchanted Rock for good views of the hill country. There are also museums (the Pacific War Museum is neat (especially the Japanese Garden of Peace)) and shopping (antiques, arts and crafts, locally made food).
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