Where to stay within walking distance to The Vatican Museum?
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Would appreciate your recommendations as the ones I could find here were several years old. I want to be 1/4 miles or so away max. Four nights in early May. I'm far past hostel living so I will pay $200-$300 per night. Tripadvisor is great but I know personal advice from you will help me choose a nice hotel. Many thanks
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I stayed at a lovely apt in Campo de Fiori. A friend booked it through airbnb. We walked to the Vatican in about 15-20 mins.
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We stayed here in November: Colazione Al Vaticano Via Della Stazione di San Pietro 40, Rome, RM, 00165 Italy B&B where we could see the Vatican from the front door. Walking distance to the Vatican and lots of nice places to eat. Queen bed with private bath was 32 euro. We booked through Expedia. The manager said it would be cheaper if we booked directly next time.
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Residenza Ave Hotel. A pleasant 10 minute walk to Vatican City, friendly staff, delicious breakfast, simple but elegant rooms, very affordable/in your price range.
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I second AirBnb and also vrbo. Private apartments in Europe provide a ton of value - find something with a balcony so that you can get some local wine, cheese, and sip and watch the sunset... magical.

(I've stayed closer to Colliseum not Vatican so no personal recommendations, but definitely would go with an apartment over a hotel!)
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I stayed here a few years back. It's a hostel/hotel with some double rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Best part about it was a kitchen (at least when I was there, well stocked with cooking equipment, etc.) on the second (?) floor with a beautiful terrace, and there was a market right around the corner, so you can easily go, pick up some fresh pasta, fresh mozzarella, a bottle of wine, and have lovely dinner outside. It's about a kilometer away from the Vatican.
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I used cross-polinate to book an apartment in Rome. I got a bargain in Trastevere. This one looks nice.
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Any place in Trastevere will be more than a mile walk from the Vatican Museums. The Museum entrance is on the north side of Vatican City, so if you want to be within about a 1/4 mile walk you'll be looking in a rather small area immediately north of Vatican City, west of Via Ottaviano, and south of Via Tommaso Campanella.

There are mostly cheap hotels in this area, as it's not a very interesting neighborhood (relative to other parts of Rome) aside from its proximity to the Vatican. This seems like a good candidate for you given your price range and geographic criteria. I think you could find some nice apartments, though, that might give you some better options.
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Thank you, all! I did choose Theory's Hotel Alimandi. I wanted a bit of Olde World elegance - or at least that feel.
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