Where do I get wedding cake in New York?
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Looking for great non-traditional wedding cake in New York.

My friend is in charge of getting cake for a wedding. She's looking to feed 70-90 people. The bride wants one chocolate cake and one not-chocolate flavored cake. The wedding is a month away and the budget is around $400.

Dinner beforehand will be an 8+ course Chinese banquet-style dinner, so the cake can't be too heavy. The bride does not want cupcakes nor does she want the traditional white wedding cake. One cake needs to be the "cutting" cake (for taking pictures with).

The bride wants the non-chocolate cake to be either fruity or nutty. So far, we've tried those mini-cakes from Dean & Deluca and also at Citarella. There's a terrific flourless chocolate cake from Citarella, but she's looking for more choices. Anyone have a great cake place in New York to recommend? Especially ones where we can try a slice or a small version of? Care to share any wedding-cake-ordering experience?
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Ruthy's at Chelsea Market has some great cakes. I have used them for a number of occasions, with good results.

I have also had some good cake success with My Most Favorite Dessert Company.
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I've never been here, but their cakes look like a lot of fun.
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Confetti is wonderful, but they have an $800 minimum order.
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I can't recommend a place in New York, but we often get layer cakes from an asian bakery here - they're a lot less sweet than the traditional white cake, and there's generally fresh fruit on them. Delicious!
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Since the banquet is Chinese, why not go for a Chinese bakery? A catering friend of mine used to rave about the mango mousse cake at Fei Da on Mott Street. Here's a page of Chinatown bakeries -- some of them do private functions and delivery.
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milquetoast is referring to Fayda Bakery. And they do have awfully tasty pastry - that mango mousse was really memborable. They have several locations listed, the one on Mott Street is the largest.
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Sensational Sweets does custom desert catering (including cakes). Two thumbs up. Tasting may be difficult, as it is all done to order, but you might be able to work something out.
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