Where can I sell my software?
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I've written a simple video converter app that I'd like to sell online. Does anyone know of a good place online to sell software you've written?
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You will probably run across Kagi as well. I do not recommend them.
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Well, you probably want to have a 30-day free trial or whatnot and set yourself up as a Download.com vendor. If you don't, you're almost sure to be nearly ungoogleable in any practical sense.

You can also do downloads via Amazon or Yahoo! stores. Basically, look around at what other vendors of similar software are doing, figure out what seems to be working best, and you'll have your answer.
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Response by poster: Yes, I'd thought about posting at download.com - but they have an approval process and a bit of a wait before your software shows up there - i also considered amazon or even ebay for that matter ... i just thought there might be a place on the web that people automatically go to sell there software. kind of like, if i want to sell a hard good... i would automatically go to ebay.
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This seems to be the kind of thing that the new Google Base was designed for.
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List as shareware on VersionTracker.com.
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megatherium: what?
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eSellerate offers services similar to kagi.
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