Help us decorate our baby's nursery
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My husband and I are working on decorating a nursery for our first baby (due in 10 days!). We have most of the furniture figured out but we can't figure out what to put under the window. Do you have any ideas?

Here are photos of what we have so far:

Screenshot one
Screenshot two

Under the window we've thought of maybe three large baskets to put stuffed animals, baby blankets, etc. in - but having them just sitting on the floor seems like they would just look like baskets someone left on the floor.

We're thinking larger baskets might work - maybe two or three? Maybe baskets on top of something - but what?

We've seen these baskets at the Container Store (they're about 2' high and 3.5' long) and also these and these from Pottery Barn (although we worry that soft blankets would get caught on rough basket material even though they display them with blankets in the store.)

Here are measurements of the wall.

So... what would you put under the window? Maybe something completely different?

Just FYI - we know we need decor / art - we just haven't gotten to that yet!
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Do nothing. Right now you have a nice clean space -- perfect -- infants are very minimalist by nature. Just leave it exactly as is, decor included, until you have a toddler who has clear preferences and who has decided that X is the thing that must be collected and dragged around constantly, and then you can go and buy appropriate storage for X, and s/he can also steer you on the decor.
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You can put a shelf at short-person height under the window. You can start your child's library now or later, and for now you can put baskets on the shelf.

The shelf would ideally be 5 or 6 inches wider than the window on each side, centered beneath it, and mounted right above the outlet. It will make a good side table for the nursing rocker most immediately.
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I would just put a huge stuffed animal there. After baby is born and you are using the room, the best use for the space will identify itself. My guess is that some sort of small end table type of thing for the person in the rocker to use as either a place to put a book and a drink, a place to rest a bottle, a towel, etc or to put your phone or tablet on while baby sleeps in your lap. It could also be used for a small lamp for reading while baby sleeps.
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You will absolutely super duper want a table next to that glider. It doesn't have to be permanent, but if you'll be nursing (or even just rocking in the middle of the night) in that chair, I'd get a side table with a basket on it containing:

- a few bottles of water
- a few protein bars
- lanolin cream
- clean towels/burp cloths
- a phone charger
- a nightlight

Once that has ceased to be useful, I'm seconding just leaving the space empty. A clean floor is a great canvas for kids, and don't worry — soon enough there will be toys EVERYWHERE.

Congrats and good luck!
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oooh, i know this one - Storage Ottoman. Throw toys in there, put clothes on top if needed. Have SO sit on it while you're in the glider, etc...
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For sure a table next to the glider! And, if you still want to put something under the window, I'd go for a storage bench. It's sturdy enough to sit and climb on, and is a great place to scoop up toys and tuck them away out of sight once playtime is over.
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I agree with annekate - you definitely want a side table next to the glider so you can keep various nursing supplies (burp cloths, snacks, water) handy. If you can find a side table that also includes a shelf for books, that'd be ideal.

I also have the perfect storage bin to suggest - check out the whale canvas storage hamper here. Wouldn't that be lovely in your nursery?
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I would go for a blanket chest or a double or single window seat with storage (site has examples of both).
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I would get a shelf like the Kallax from Ikea.
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I agree that a table for the glider would be the most useful.

Also I am going to be that person and remind you to bolt your furniture to the wall if you haven't already. Especially that tall bookcase (I have the same one so I know how incredibly heavy it is). It might seem like you have tons of time before you have a climbing baby, but it goes so fast!
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Don't put anything there, yet. After the baby comes you may discover that he'll only sleep in a swing or bouncer or other special doohickey that you discover only after buying or borrowing three different big bulky doohickeys.

Instead of trying to make things perfect and anticipate your every need, leave a little bit of room that you can adjust later, literally and metaphorically speaking.
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I'd do a 2 (high) x3 (wide) array of storage cubes: that way you can mix-and-match some cubbies with cute baskets, some with a single stuffed animal or toy, some with book storage, some with space for folded blankets, etc., as needed. Plus the top will double as a table for the glider.
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nothing! in a few months that toddler is going to drag a chair or stool over to stand on and look out the window.
also, wait to decorate; you are probably going to get some gifts that will need to fit in that nursery of yours.
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We found an adorable toy box at Target that we put under the window in our daughters room. The toy box doubles as a window seat (the lid is covered and plush). So maybe something like that? I can't find a link or picture of it offhand...
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I'd probably have a low storage unit with a cushion on top, like this sorta deal. Ikea has numerous possibilities for such a thing. Babies love window seats.
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We have this bookshelf under our daughter's window and it's great for oversized books that don't fit on a regular shelf.
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Is there another electrical outlet behind the glider? If not, you might want to maintain easy access to the one under the window for things like phone/tablet chargers, a reading lamp, or a breast pump.
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Are you married to the cube unit where it is? I might put that under the window, oriented long side down. I feel like it would balance out the furniture and color for now but also (even post-bolting) make me feel better about tipping hazards. You can always move back when you need space for toys!
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I was going to suggest what marmago suggested as well. Put that bookcase on its side and then you have a great table for a very dim lamp and a spot to put your glass of wine, coffee, baby bottle. Put baskets with baby toys on the low shelves and one or two cute toys/books on the upper shelves.
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Thirding the shelving unit sideways.

You can move it back and replace with a toy chest, or a book shelf or a huge stuffed bear or whatever it is that your little one likes.
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Yes, marmago's suggestion! Take the expedit-type shelf you have already, turn it sideways, and move it under the window. This makes a great kid-storage piece. You can buy bins that fit it perfectly and use it for clothes, small toys, etc. or use it without bins for books and larger toys. The height is great for toddlers to pre-schoolers. We have two like this at our house, one doubles as a changing table in the living room and the other used as a toy and book shelf in my son's room. They are very stable in this configuration, much less tippy than the vertical orientation.
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Agree about a table or the bookshelf sideways, if for no other reason than you are going to need somewhere to put a humidifier at some point (yeah, my nine month old has had a lot of colds this winter).
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A large wooden toy box to store cot bedding or baby things in that also serves as a side-table for large refillable bottles of water/water glass/snacks and an ipad stand for you while you are feeding in that chair overnight.
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I won't suggest adding anything else to the room (except nthing the table next to the glider) because I agree that you may want the space to add something later.

But I will share that our changing table was under the window in my son's room and he loved to hang out and look out the window while I was changing him. It made him very relaxed. So, I humbly suggest that you might consider flipping the glider with the changing table. Just my 2 cents.
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I like the idea of the Expedit type thing sideways, because it seems like it would fit there and I also fear tipping hazards...

but also another thing you might like is a fabric toy chest like this or this. I have 2 and I think they're pretty useful because they're cheap, portable, and easy to throw stuff in.

Hugely seconding that you need something near the chair to put feeding accessories and things you need while sitting around for long periods of time, like an iPad.
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