Where can I buy this tea online?
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My mother-in-law loves this tea. Where can I order it online? I need a source that I can read, will take US dollars, and ship to the US as well.

My Mother-in-Law is Japanese and received this tea as a gift from a relative. She's 82 years old, doesn't speak much English, and isn't in contact with the relative any more. She has no internet skills so she can't really help me navigate web pages to figure out how to order.

GIS turned up this page on Yahoo Japan with the tea, but I don't think I can order it and have it sent to me.

Our local Japanese store didn't think they could/would want to order it for us, and suggested looking it up on the internet as well. So I would like an online source I can read, order from, and have delivered to our doorstep.
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Google Image Search points to Ito En Ryokucha.
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Amazon has it. Itoen Ryokucha Green tea Matcha Blend Premium bag Pack of 50 ships from Gobalwide.
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Amazon link.
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This looks like it's the same brand of tea that Costco sells in a different package (I'm not clear on whether it's exactly the same style), but if you've got a Costco nearby, it's cheap enough to be worth trying theirs: Kirkland Signature Japanese Green Tea, 100 Bags. They even discount it by a few bucks every few months. Also: video.
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I wondered if the costco stuff was the same (or same-enough), my local store doesn't have it in stock right now but it may be back soon enough. If not I've got the Amazon link from holgate and cabingirl.
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Looks like you are covered here, but I would suggest that you bundle your gift with some fancy, whole leaf green tea as well. It's nice to have the bags for convenience, and very thoughtful of you to get someone a brand that you know they like. Still, whole leaf green tea is often much better (less bitter, more complex) than its bagged counterpart. Pick up something fancy to go along with the daily brew and your gift will have more punch. I bet the Japanese store you have been to can help you out, or you might try Rishi Tea for an online source as they have a decent Japanese tea selection.
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Also don't go buying in bulk, especially for bagged tea -- some kinds of tea go stale, bagged tea goes stale faster than whole leaf, and green tea especially tastes best when fresh.
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Thanks for the advice cubby. We have some loose green tea we server her, but she really really really likes the bagged type. For what ever reason she likes the taste, plus since it was a gift she prefers it over fancy loose-leaf tea we get her.
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