Tar Sands relative impact
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Recent EPA letter estimates annual emissions from development & use of Tar Sands crude at between 1.3 & 27.4 metric tons. Anybody know the annual world total? MMTC02e is precise unit shown in link.
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According to the EIA, total world CO2 emissions were approximately 32.5 billion metric tons in 2013.
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Those are millions of metric tons. Global annual emissions are about 40 billion tons, so this represents about 0.05%.
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Correction: in your link, the EPA has estimated the emissions from tar sands at 1.3 - 27.4 million metric tons. In your abbreviation MMTCO2e, the first M is for million and the second for metric.

Global emissions are greater than 30,000 Tg CO2/year source: EPA. One Tg is one million metric tons.
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Thx all! Looks like EPA & EIA come in around 32-33 bmt. (Sorry for the lede typo & thx for the corrections.)
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