Another Linkedin Question - Do you connect with recruiters?
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My personal policy when using Linkedin is to only connect with people who I have met personally, or have had somewhat detailed communication over phone or email. However, I fairly frequently receive requests from recruiters who I don't know despite having a fairly sparse profile. Should I connect with these people despite the fact that I am not looking for a change? What are the pros and cons of doing so? Thanks.
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I only connect with recruiters I'm currently working with, or would like to work with. Others I ignore.
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I tend to ignore them because in the past I've had the unpleasant experience of their going through my contact list to spam them.
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Not unless I am actively looking for a position.
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Yea -recruiters that you aren't working with often use your connections as a recruiting pool. I have had connections that reached out and spammed me as a result of someone else connecting with them.
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Seconding the Bunny above. Only recruiters you know, and not too many. That said, helping out a few select recruiters fill a position or two may come in handy when you need it.
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I only add them if we have a phone or email conversation and they seem useful.
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My LinkedIn policy is the same as yours, and I agree with kellyblah -- the recruiters are not so much interested in you as your contacts list. The time or two I've made an exception I never heard from the recruiter again after the initial request.

I reply to their request noting my policy of adding only those with whom I have an existing relationship, and noting that if they had a specific position they wish to discuss I would be happy to consider it. If memory serves me correctly, I've had a reply discussing a specific position only once.
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I know a couple of recruiters personally, and I connect with them, because not only do I use LinkedIn to get myself a job (once every, what, five years or so?) but I also like helping friends and family connect with jobs, and I can send people to the recruiters I like, and in turn, they've helped me when I've been on a job search.

Recently, I had a couple of interns, one of whom was in my program because we had to bring numbers up a little for the intern initiative. She's in finance, and my job is anything but, but she is a good worker and I said I'd help her with her job search this year. I've been able to put her in contact with some recruiters on LinkedIn and bypassed the usual "please take a typing test" garbage because I could personally vouch for her. It's nice to have that reciprocity.
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I connected with them when I was looking for a job (it worked). I rapidly learned to disconnect with them all though afterwards, because they'll continue to bombard you with job offers even if there's no indication you're looking for a new position.
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Think about it. Who looks at your Linked In profile? Friends, business associates and potential employers. Do you want these potential employers to see you have friended every recruiter in a 50 mile radius? Looks desperate, and frankly un-professional.
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I'm going to go against the grain here and suggest that you should connect to as many relevant recruiters in your area on LinkedIn as possible. There's this thing about recruiters where you're totally annoyed by them when you don't need them, but when you do need them, it's good to have a relationship with them of some sort. LinkedIn is a convenient way of keeping that relationship intact so that you can hit them up when things change in the future (and also so that you know when they have changed their minds about working in the headhunting business).

Take my advice with a grain of salt, as I have 500+ connections on LinkedIn, and have been using it to source potential candidates for the startup I work for. LinkedIn is a tool, and you decide how to use it best.
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I'll connect with any recruiter that doesn't appear to be an idiot. That one rule filters out way more than you might expect.
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No, don't bother. Even if/when job seeking, it won't make any difference. They'll talk to you whether or not you're linked to them if you're someone they can make money out of. I was a recruiter for years. LinkedIn is only useful for recruiters to see who works where. There's no benefit to you.
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I connect to every recruiter, provided they work in my industry. When I want a new job, I download an export of my contacts, extract all the recruiters and email them my requirements and CV.

I'd say that it was the quickest and most direct way of getting recruiters looking for new role for me.

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