How dangerous will it be to make this drive tomorrow?
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How dangerous will it be to take a cab from Columbia MD to Annapolis Junction tomorrow at 9 am? They are forecasting 5-8" of snow. How bad is that for this area? And in a cab? I can cancel if necessary but it's a pretty big deal.
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It will depend on the road conditions. The snow is supposed to be mostly done by then but there will be plenty of accumulation (and little melting because it's so cold). The accumulation in the north side of the DC metro area should be less than south, but it's still a decent amount for this area -- an area that is notorious for not handling snow well.

I think the issue is less safety as availability -- will you be able to find a cab to take you from Columbia to Annapolis in the morning? I'm dubious.
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An inch of snow shuts this area down. 4"- 8" is a catastrophe. All schools, all public events, and probably even the Federal Govt. will announce this evening that they are closed tomorrow. That creates a cascade effect with many private businesses following suit since the daycares typically follow the Fed. Govt. lead, so nobody will have child care tomorrow. Whatever you have planned for tomorrow is likely going to be canceled anyway.
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Can you go this afternoon and stay in a hotel?
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Response by poster: Yes I am planning to go this afternoon and stay in a hotel but I still have to get a cab to the event.
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FYI, it's President's Day, so public transport will be on a modified schedule, and schools and government will be closed for the holiday.
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Call the cab company and ask?
Personally I wouldn't drive with that much snow on the road, and I live in Northern MN.
if what you have to do is anything official, or business related where other people have to travel (even if it's just into work) I'd guess there is a pretty good shot it will get canceled anyways.
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You're staying in a hotel in Columbia? And that's only a few miles from Annapolis Junction according to the map, and not really in Annapolis at all, right?

When will you be arriving at the hotel and how are you getting there?

When you check into the hotel find out about their recommended local cab service; call them, explain you really have to be on time in the morning.

Also check to see if there is somewhere at the event that you could wait if you happen to get there early. Bring a book.
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Can you rent a 4WD vehicle today that you could use tomorrow to drive yourself? I would be nervous to take a cab in a blizzard and trust the driver to know how to handle it.
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I work in Columbia. To be clear, Annapolis Junction is not Annapolis and is very, very close to Columbia. "Public transport" is not an option because it's Columbia, Maryland, not because of President's Day.

You may want to check to see if your hotel has a shuttle service. You're seriously only going 5 miles, tops. If not, see if your hotel can recommend a local cab service. I would check to make sure whatever you are doing isn't canceled.

By the time you are going, the roads will be plowed. I'm really less concerned about the weather than the cab; they are just terrible here.
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Oh gosh, I totally misread that. Annapolis Junction is a totally different story than Annapolis. Sorry about that!

Yes, that trip is just a few miles down a major state highway which will definitely be plowed by that time of day. But a cab is still likely not the best option. I bet your hotel has a shuttle service you can use.

But definitely check first to make sure your event is still on -- a lot of stuff will be, at best, delayed tomorrow if not outright cancelled.
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Response by poster: Okay I just changed my hotel to a crappy one that's only a mile away. I think I should be okay now. Thanks for your help!
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If you end up walking, keep your wits about you. You'll be in an area that is not designed for pedestrians. Good luck!
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Cancel. I'm surprised your clients/folks you are meeting with haven't bailed already. Geeze.
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Response by poster: Well it turned out to be not that much snow but the warning about the cabs being just horrible was spot on. I couldn't get anyone at all to come pick me up this morning and had to prevail on a Good Samaritan to give me a lift, then on the way home I did get a cab company to send out a car but what showed up was a gypsy cab, just some dude in his scary beater, no license, no meter.
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