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Any recommendations for a fitness tracking website/app/service that meets the following requirements? I want to be able to manually enter swimming data via their android app or website, use their android app to track cycle rides on my phone, import running data from my Garmin device (forerunner something or other) or Garmin website and use the decent selection of UK food in their database to track calorie consumption. I’m not overally bothered by the community aspect (got bored of Fitocracy very quickly), I just want to get my data geek on.
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Are you willing to have the data collected in one place even if it's entered in several places. Fitbit wil let you enter swimming data, import data from Garmin, import data from endomondo (which will track your bike rides or runs) and import data from myfitnesspal, which is a decent non-US food database. And of course, your fitbit data itself will be there, if you get a fitbit .
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I think that MapMyFitness is what you want for this. You can enter your swims manually, track your cycle rides, and it will sync with your Garmin. There is food tracking from within MapMyFitness, or you can use MyFitnessPal, which also syncs well with MapMyFitness.

This is what I do, except with a TomTom Runner watch.
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