Rcycling or Disposal of styrofoam coolers?
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I get refrigerated medication for my MS. Until recently it was a 3 month supply in a big cooler. Due to new medical they now ship me my meds once a month in a cute Styrofoam cooler. I have about 8 of them. I'm not an environmentalist nut, but I try to recycle to the best of my ability. When I got the big cooler with the 3 month supply I just put it in the lobby of my apartment with a sign that said "free cooler" but now I'm getting tiny ones monthly. I want to recycle, but can you recycle Styrofoam? Can I just toss them in recycling bins? Is there a program that will pick them up?
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Is your profile location accurate? LA Sanitation accepts Styrofoam in the blue curbside containers (more details from LA Times). The polystyrene industry has a recycling locator if you need a drop off location (although most of their locations appear to only accept packing peanuts).
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Can you leave the cooler you get in February out to be picked up when the March cooler is delivered? In other words, would the sender recycle them?
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I have the same issue. I've had some luck with Freecycle. People will take them off your hands and use them to ship food as gifts and things like that. They actually like it if you include the icepacks, too.
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I wish I was closer, I would love a few! For camping with the Scouts, day trips to the beach, homebrewing beer, and more.
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I'd see if anyone would want them first. You'd be surprised.
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I plan on calling the local food banks and local churches and see if they would like them once I get a small stockpile going on.
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I get coolers like this for my ulcerative colitis medication. I have a friend who makes pottery and was thinking about starting an Etsy store, so I gave them to him to use as shipping containers.
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In my area a lot of people use them to make shelters for feral cats. They work really well for this. If your area has cold winters, maybe contact a feral group?

http://www.alleycat.org/ is a national group you may be able to find someone local through them.
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Put an ad on the "free" section of Craigslist. Someone will snap them up in no time.
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