Pet photographer in Toronto
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I'd love to get my girlfriend a session with a pet photographer for her birthday - she's dropped hints about wanting to get some great photos or a portrait of her beloved cat. Any recommendations for good photographers/artists in Toronto?
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Yes - we had 'The Art of Weddings' ( shoot our wedding last year - Mike and the staff (and resulting pictures) were *amazing*. Documentary (not posed) style and very flexible and creative.

I know that they also do boudoir photography and baby pics in addition to weddings - they likely do (or will do) pet photography as well - you might contact them and ask. Highly professional - we were very happy.

Great idea - have fun!
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If AskMe doesn't provide any good leads, I'd check out the website of your local shelter and see who they use. Most shelters have relationships with photogs who donate their time to photograph adoptable animals.
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You could also ask for suggestions at your local doggie daycare or dog wash shop or dog accessory store. If anyone knows who does pet portraits, those folks will.
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Jenn Wilson is an amazing pet photographer - she does a lot of work for rescues (both cats and dogs) and her photography is the reason I have adopted multiple pets from rescues. There are a variety of ways to contact her via the above link.
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If you decide to go with a portrait, I highly recommend my friend Krishna at Chimo Studio. In the gallery, the second portrait - a black dog on yellow ("Daisy") - is my dog. Compare the painting to this photo. She painted it as a surprise for me - I cried. Daisy died last year and I love that I have a painting of her on my wall.
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