Google Fails Me: What's a "Fresh Dry Skippy"?
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In Mark Ronson's/Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk," there's a reference to "smoother than a fresh dry Skippy" (or fresh-drawn Skippy). Does this actually mean something?
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I thought it's saying "smoother than a fresh jar (of) Skippy", like the peanut butter.
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And the Genius entry for the song confirms it.
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Genius says jar of skippy!
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Forgive me, is Genius something official, or is it Wikipedia-esque?
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I just listened to the song for the five millionth time. Finally, I heard "smoother than a fresh jar o' Skippy." Thank you all.
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It's unofficial/made by community contributors, although recently some actual artists have been getting on and explaining their own lyrics. In this case I think the explanation makes sense and it's definitely what I hear when I listen to the song. I'm not sure if any "official" source for song lyrics really exists online, unless you're looking at the liner notes or something.
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Not helpful in his case, but related: is an archive of commonly misheard song lyrics and the correct texts. If you search for lyrics but don't find them because you misheard them, go there and search in the "misheard" category.
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Bruno Mars Instagram post
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