stuck in molasses
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i'm not even sad, but i can't get moving. help me get out of bed.

i'm diagnosed with some flavor of depression/general anxiety. i have been diagnosed for like 10 years. i am seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist and on medication. i am a full-time grad student with a job.

i am depressed in a way i don't remember being, though. i am sleeping forever and not getting out of bed. i can convince myself to get up and go when 100% necessary. i can do most of my work from home, but i'm only doing the absolute minimum. i'm showing up to class and doing homework. i'm smart enough to skate by without doing a lot of work - for right now.

i'm not even sad. i don't feel anything at all. this has only been going on a week but it's kind of scaring me. any suggestions to get my spark back really, really appreciated.
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You need to speak to your doctors. You may need a tweak in your meds, or you may need to try something new.

Don't let this drag on. Make an appointment ASAP.
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Yes, you need to tell your doctors what is going on with you.
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Could it be mono?
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Doctor doctor doctor. There are like a zillion medical conditions that could cause this kind of fatigue. (Short list: thyroid issues, low vitamin D, pernicious anemia, mono, Lyme, etc.) Any one of them could be causing this, and many of them are treatable. Or you could need a new med for the depression. Or both.

The sooner you see your doctor, the sooner this gets figured out. Good luck!
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This is something I struggle with, and it's worse in the winter when it's dark and cold. So, this time of year is the worst for it if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Have you tried a "happy light,"--those really bright lights for people who get Seasonal Affective Disorder? It can't hurt.
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Oh, when you aren't feeling anything at all, that is called chronic depression. Medication is the only thing that will get you out of it. And, a warning, it's going to hurt like hell when you first start to come out of it. Have a back up plan in place (hospital, friends or family to stay with) so that you don't become a statistic.
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