Best research universities for behavioral economics and applied psych
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I'm looking for universities that have strong research in behavioral economics, decision science, political psychology, organizational psychology—basically, applying psychology to understand systems and society. Any universities come to mind?

An example of this would be Carnegie Mellon University, which has the Center for Behavioral and Decision Research, or New York University's Neuroeconomics institute. I'd love to hear if there are other schools I haven't checked out yet that match this.
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Dan Ariely from Duke comes to mind as someone who is famous for this type of research. I can't speak to the rest of the department.
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I can definitely confirm that NYU psychology does excellent research in neuroecononics.
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MIT's Sloane Neuroeconomics Lab should not be overlooked.
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Caltech has a Behavioral and Social Neuroscience PhD program:
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You should take a look at Organizational Behavior programs at business schools. The people in Stanford GSB's OB department seem right up your alley.
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