Name that Russian (Soviet) Sculptor, please.
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Name that Russian (Soviet) Sculptor, please.

I was in the Guggenheim in New York last week and I saw a really neat sculpture in their "Russia!" exhibit. It was plaster, not much more than a foot high, and was a stylized (Art Decoish?) blacksmith working witha hammer. Does anyone know what the name of that piece is and/or who made it?
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Try this query on Flickr.... which may or may not help!
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Why not contact the Guggenheim?

Or see if you recognize the artist's name on this page.

(This is one of those times I wish I were still in NYC; I'd love to see that exhibit!)
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Second that, l-hat! Isn't the Guggenheim the perfect spot for this -- the museum might have been designed by Melnikov 30-odd years before Wright. (And if they had to include the idiotic "!" in the title, at least they avoided calling it "Đ¯ussia!")

Thanks for the flickr link, nitsuj -- nice shots.
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