I Am Not Content (in search of a forgotten website)
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Oh dear. So I had this website that I spent a good couple of hours going over, but being at work, completely neglected to bookmark or save.

Defining characteristics?
It had a number of clever author/poet biographies, most of which I can remember were in the Byron Shelley Keats vein/era, and each of the authors' names had a made-up nickname inserted in the middle. As in... "William Butler 'Ghostie' Yeats" or somesuch. Also, there was a very nice glossary of musical piece definitions, most of which were words I was previously unfamiliar with.

I believe it was somebody's personal site, as in, it had one noticable person who put everything together. The only reason I miss it so (besides the information) is that it was kind of witty, enough so to keep my interest.

I thought the biographies were terribly useful above and beyond the typical, and now that I'm re-examining those authors and their works I really want to have a second look at the site, since I also remember it having a candid overview of some of the more scandalous relationships of the times.

Oh, and of course as soon as I see the website title it'll all come rushing back to me.

Long shot? Probably. But I'm feeling sort of lucky today.
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If one were still using terms like "google-fu", rest assured that all my best fu-ing went totally resultless, and this is my desperate plea.
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The page is probably still in the browser's history. Try pressing Ctrl-H.
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It was over a year ago, unfortunately, and on a different work computer, so I'm not sure how well that would work.
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How did Yeats get in there, if it was in the Byron/Shelley/Keats era? Byron was the last of those three to die, in 1824, and Yeats wasn't even born until 1865.
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Well, I'm not sure. The biography I'm reading of Yeats is what spurred this search, and I had read the site before ever getting into his work. However, my intent was just to show the general nature of the site. (Byron Shelley Keats vs. Grisham Irving King). I remember that there was a lot of talk about the interweaving male/female relationships, and I think I remember Byron and the others in particular.
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I don't know if this will help, but Byron and Shelley called one another Albé and Shiloh.
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Er, um. I should say "Shelley and Byron...."
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Lord Byron's Children is a list of members of The Byron Society, with nicknames (internyms, as they are known some places). These are modern Byron scholars, though, no Yeats among them.

via, a more traditional resource. I found several sites looking at Byron's relationships, but none of them also dealt with Yeats.
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Curses. The Lord Byron's Children site has the right idea what with the nicknames and all, but still not what I'm looking for.
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I found it! Joy! The first thing that came up after googling John "Un" Donne (an actual nickname he used.).
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