Chinese/Taishanese translation for short bits of a news report?
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I'll provide the link in the extended, but in a 2 minute news report for a local culinary school I'm interested in knowing what the student is saying in Chinese and I'm wondering if I can get any help in that regard. This report is from a San Francisco Chinese-language news station, and I expect the students are just talking about their intended careers and the school experience, but would love to know precisely what they're saying. Can anyone help out?

The link to the report is here:

The timestamps for the student (I think it's just one student speaking twice) are:
- 1:17 to 1:27
- 1:32 to 1:45

To be honest, I'd love to get an English translation for all the spoken Chinese in the report, but whatever you can help out with would be fantastic, and please know that I deeply appreciate any help.
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i tried. it's all cantonese :/
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Those are two different students. The first one is speaking Cantonese, so I just translated the subtitles. The second one is speaking Mandarin, and the subtitles leave out some filler words, but the general idea is there.

The first one:

I don’t want to just stay at home. I feel like I should get out and learn something and expand my horizons. Learning is very beneficial.

And the second:
因为我是新移民过来,一开始找不到 ... 我恨急于想找到工作。因为新移民过来处境比较劫难。[inaudible] 帮我免除学费,帮我找到一个...多一个工作机会。

I’m a new immigrant, and I couldn’t find … I was eager to find a job. As an immigrant, my situation was very difficult, but this class helped me with free tuition and helped me find a ... another job opportunity.
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The reporter prefaces the first students' blurb by saying that she'd like to be able to cook for hospitals. The reporter says the second student is thankful for being given this opportunity.

This is a free six-week sponsored program for low-income or unemployed San Francisco residents. 14 students - some are new immigrants eager to get a job, while others have just always been interested in cooking.
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Also, the Chinese spoken in this news report is all Cantonese, except for the second interviewee, who spoke Mandarin.
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Thank you very much, everyone! Fantastic.
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