Where can I test a bunch of different office chairs in NYC?
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I need a new office chair and would like suggestions for stores in and around NYC where I can try out several models at once. Difficulty level: short person.

I'm currently using an Aeron chair which, while great for many people, has given me chronic back pain. I'm 5'2" and often find chairs to be too deep, leaving me with either no back support or dangling legs (or both). My current chair is no exception. I'd prefer recommendations for places to shop rather than for specific models of chairs.

My AskMeFi search turned up this post and this one. I'll check out Lee's Art Shop based on those threads. Considering how the $600+ Aeron is working for me, I'm not convinced that something else at DWR prices will yield better results, but I'm not opposed to looking in higher-end stores if they carry a variety of chair options. I'm not picky about new vs. used and I don't care much about aesthetics, but I would like to go to a few brick-and-mortar stores where I can sit in a bunch of different models until I find a good fit.

So far, I've been to Staples and PC RIchard and Sons, and I'm considering making the trek to IKEA to test their current office chair lineup. What other stores would be good for this that I don't know about?
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It looks like there's a Relax The Back store in East Hanover, NJ. Is that too far? We have one here in Houston and they were really good about helping me to find the right chair and adjusting it before I brought it home. (I'm 5'1" so I understand your frustration with dangling legs.)
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Aerons come in three sizes, how many dots does yours have at the top of the back frame? If it's more than one it's way too big for 5'2". Sorry to contravene your request, but if you like Aerons...
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About ten years ago (yikes) I got a chair here, at the appropriately named 'Office Furniture Heaven.'
Good selection, I got an Aeron chair there that went on to make me cry every time I sat in it. But a good store.
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Office Furniture Heaven was a winner for me--got an estimate today on a comfy chair, totally reasonably priced, from a helpful employee who let me browse even though they weren't technically open. I'd recommend them to anyone now. Thanks, From Bklyn!
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