Job Brainstorm Ideas needed with TV and Video Editor background
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Asking for a friend who's having a hard time finding a job in Seattle (Eastside) - she has a technical school degree in television production and had worked in the East coast for 2 reputable news stations for 15 years wearing multiple hats: Production coordinator, video editor and distributor and web producer.

She moved to the Eastside of Seattle and has been applying for jobs. And so far nothing. She even rarely gets to hear back. Have considered freelancing and contracting with no luck.

so the questions:
1. Is Seattle simply not a good market for the skill sets?
2. Is getting a BA degree a good idea? If so what skills would be a good complement?
3. are the current skill sets transferable to other fields we might not have thought of?
4. any other ideas?

Appreciate any help you guys can give us.
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Not in Seattle but from there and from paying attention it seems just quite saturated and folks that have a good position are staying. So persistence if she wants to stay in that industry although it might take a commute across the lake. If she's looking for a change someone from editing is probably already better at project management than many in that niche. Although that means the corporate world.
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I sent you a mefi mail message...

In general, a BA might be a good idea if she can't network and find things through the people she knows from previous jobs.
Lots of companies like to see a BA just for the credential bar it sets, not necessarily for the particular skills. So if she does get one, make it the cheapest possible one that still has an ok name brand and isn't too obscure. Communications might be good.
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Has she looked at universities that do video production for online learning?

I would not recommend a midlife BA just to get one - if she wants to go back to school it should be with a purpose and goal. A communications degree after 15 years in the field won't teach her much.
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